Monday, May 2, 2011

A girl and her dog

Two cute Maya & Parker moments from the past week:

Maya's eating has been bad again.  Combine poor eating skills with the terrible two's (or 3's) and we've had some projectile food recently.  And when you have projectiles, you sometimes have casualties:

Is Maya evilly rubbing her hands together?

 Direct hit!  There's a meatball chunk right next to Parker's body (and some ketchup on him, although you can't see it) . . . and another meatball chunk about a foot away.

I'm not allowed to eat it, so I might as well go back to sleep.

And a day or two later . . . 

Mommy, this is my doggie!

Parker, I have to tell you a secret.

Ok, now you tell me a secret!

A kiss for my buddy.

And a snuggle, too.

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Any other questions for me?  I've gotten several and will likely be writing the post later this week.


Linda said...

Maya and Parker together are absolutely adorable! I wish our dog tolerated my toddler that well.

Poof said...

Parker is a beautiful dog! What a sweet relationship they have.

MarfMom said...

Aww you can just see how much they love each other! Also, I love your daughter's name (being a bit biased, as we share it)! :-)

Coming over from Love That Max

Kathy said...

Stopping by from Love that Max. I love the pics of Maya and Parker.

Ellen said...

They are so cute together, they need their own TV show! And, wow, you have Parker well trained for him to have not gobbled up the meatballs!