Friday, March 13, 2009

Maya's Medical Summary & Upcoming Appointments

Maya's been having a bunch of health issues, which people know about to varying degrees . . . this isn't because we're trying to keep things secretive, but because there's so much going on that it's hard to remember who I've told what to, and who has time to send a million emails about stuff?

So here's the summary thus far:

-She's super allergic to cats. So Layla, my lovely cat who's been my faithful companion for the past 7 years, had to go :( My sister took her in and she now lives with a dog and 2 other cats (one of which could be her stunt double).

Mom! What the hell?! Are you trying to kill me?!

Layla and her new buddy, Tucker

-Her adenoids and tonsils are way too big. They are probably going to have to come out sometime soon.

-She's behind on most of her milestones (sitting up, rolling around, etc). She'll probably have some type(s) of therapy starting with in the next month 1 or more times a week. It will be great for her to have someone come and work with her, but it means that I have appointments for 5 different evaluations in the next 2 weeks (along with already scheduled ENT & allergist appointments).

-And she still doesn't really eat. But we now think that some of that is probably due to the adenoid issue, so hopefully we'll be able to move ahead with fixing the feeding stuff soon.

Upcoming Appointments
-Monday, 3/16: Developmental pediatrician evaluation & ENT
-Weds, 3/18: Physiatry evaluation & Feeding evaluation
-Mon, 3/23: Allergist
-Weds, 3/25: PT Evaluation & OT Evaluation

(For the next two weeks I'll be working on T, Th, & F to get these appointments in)

My thoughts
So it's going to be a pain to get around to all of these assessments and what not, but right now I don't feel like any of this is so terrible. She'll need a lot of practice (therapy) before she eats. She'll need a lot of practice (other therapies) to push her physical development. But she's pretty much the happiest baby around :) She's gone swimming now. She laughs a lot, which is pretty freaking cute.

Hello Toes!

Hopefully a month or two from now we'll be appointment free (other than adenoid surgery and PT/OT) and in a more reasonable pattern.

The End

So I'll try to keep this updated after appointments, and with other fun things in general. PLEASE COME HERE to get the information straight from the queen's mouth (I was going to say straight from the horse's mouth, but honestly, that clearly doesn't work here). The more that news is passed from person to person to person the more overdramatized it tends to become.


Lisa said...

I actually laughed out loud at the caption under the picture of Maya and Layla! And as far as the milestones go, she's just taking her sweet time getting there to give you more to celebrate once she achieves them! And as far as the eating goes, she's trying to be like her cousin Collin ;)

grandma said...

it was a very sad day when layla moved to ct---although collin was thrilled to welcome her(we had fun painting the signs!)but what love you showed for maya doing something for her you never would do for yourself and your own allergies/asthma.great pics--the funny part is how dad thought you picked the wrong cat in the pics