Sunday, March 15, 2009

Here are some pictures from today . . . I took both of them with my phone, so the quality's not so great, but whatever. Maya & I spent some time at Starbucks this morning, which is our typical outing. She loves to look around at the people, and I like the espresso. We're getting to know the cast of characters who call Starbucks their home and my 2 favorites by far are: Loud Grumpy Old Man who tries to get strangers to play chess with him and Goth College Kid who takes out books, stares at a page while he drinks a cup of coffee with shaking hands (sometimes he forgets to open the books and just stares at the cover . . . Maya suspects he's on something. I concur.) I must be Lady Who Sits With Baby for 2 hours with giant iced latte.

Hiya everybody!

Peanut's new digs
(She moved to an outdoor hutch on the terrace because of Maya's allergies and is having a great time.)


lisa said...

great pics of Maya! Look at her sitting up!!!! Go Maya!!!! :)

grandma said...

great pic of maya and her daddy!! if you're "lady who sits with baby for 2 hrs" we have to come up with a name for maya! suggestions, anyone? how about "smily baby who chews on her hand" or "happy baby who laughs at little kids"