Monday, March 16, 2009

Doctors' Updates

Medical update:

1. Developmental Pediatrician: Answered a million questions (does she clap? does she transfer objects? has she ever gotten mad and given you the finger?), brief physical. It seems like most of her skills are around a 6 month level (instead of 9.5). Exceptions: she has good fine motor finger skills, she's very social, and very focused on whatever she's currently paying attention to.

Downside: When discussing Maya's genetic testing to rule out Mosaic Down Syndrome (which came back negative), the dr. pointed out that we have to go back to the genetics team when Maya is one. If she still is experiencing developmental delays then (which is likely) it will mean more specific genetic testing to rule out more syndromes. We were kind of hoping the genetic stuff was done, so it's a bit disappointing to know that we probably have more on the horizon. Doesn't exactly put your mind at ease. But some of her unique physical features (combined with developmental delays) could be indicative of a problem (or could be indicative of nothing). Who knows.

2. ENT: We have the best pediatric ENT ever. Seriously---if you need one in Manhattan, go see Dr. Jay Dolitsky. He's the best. Since her ear infection cleared with the antibiotics, her adenoids are much less swollen (65% instead of 80%). Her nasal passages are less swollen since we've started to manage her allergies. There's a possibility that she has silent reflux, since she has slight redness at the base of her esophagus & reflux can also cause the adenoids to swell.

So we've tentatively scheduled adenoid removal for the end of April, but in the meantime we're going to do a trial of reflux meds. The week prior to the surgery date he'll check her adenoids again . . . if they've become smaller (from the reflux meds) then we'll cancel the surgery . . . if not, they'll come out.

And that, my friends, is the end of the medical update until Weds, when we'll have the physiatry eval and the feeding eval :)


Joseph said...

Thanks for all the updates...i will check the blog more often...Joe and I are always available...Everything is sounding very positive. Cute picture of Maya.
Love Helaine

Lisa said...

i'm so happy you're ENT is great! sounds like you're in good hands and on the right path! bummer on more testing, these kids like to keep us on our toes! let me know if you need anything, you know i'm available... and collin is quite helpful! ;)

kris said...

Yay for good doctors (another reason to love NYC)! Thanks for keeping us posted. I'm thinking of you guys.