Wednesday, March 25, 2009

All done!

Our doctor appointments are DONE. Well, for now. Until next Thursday night. Oh, and then April 6th. And 2 on the 20th. And one on the 30th. Oh well. It was a nice celebratory moment while it lasted :)

Today we had physical therapy & occupational therapy evaluations. I thought they were intersting (mostly playing on the floor with different toys, trying different positions). Poor Maya was wiped out by the end . . . it was like baby aerobics).

(Did you know that if you Google "baby aerobics" this terrifying picture comes up?!?!)

The therapists both said that she'll qualify for services based on her delays, but they were impressed with her positive attitude and willingness to keep trying new things. We learned a few new exercise tricks, too :)

New appointments on the horizon:
Thurs, April 2: Normal 10 month pediatrician appointment
Mon, April 6: Meeting with developmental pediatrician to review the results of the 5 evaluations

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