Sunday, February 22, 2009


Hello again. Have you ever put something off for a day or seven . . . then felt bad that you haven't already done whatever task it is, so you avoid it for a few more days . . . then you feel even worse for procrastinating . . . so you try to put it completely out of your head for, oh, say 2 months? That's what happened with the blog. Sorry about that.

In the past two months we've been busy. Actually, in the past week alone we've been busy. We've officially had the worst break ever (we were off this week) . . . but it seems silly to start there. So here are a few things before we get to this week:

1. Christmas was really fun. Maya got a bunch of toys :) Good times in NJ.

2. Maya's not eating, or doing a lot of the things that she "should" be doing (sitting up for extended periods without help, banging things together, etc). So we've been going through a whirlwind of different specialist visits, trying to get to the bottom of it all.

3. Because of the delays, sticking her little tongue out, and her small eyes we ended up going for genetic testing to rule out a "lesser" form of Down Syndrome (it's hard to explain---called Mosaic Down Syndrome). Thankfully, the test came back negative . . .but it was a tough 3 weeks.  I think I grew a lot as a person while waiting for the results.

Ok, now I've broken back into the blog world. Here are 2 pics from Christmas. I'll try to update about our totally awesome break later tonight or tomorrow:


kris said...

Thinking of you guys! Hang in there. She's so cute:)

Lisa said...

you'll take whatever challenges as they come. She's a beautiful and sweet little baby girl! Let me know if there's anything else we can do! :)

Stacy said...

We are so happy that the tests came out positively!! She will catch up-she's just taking her sweet time!! Thinking of you guys!!

grandma said... was wonderful and such fun sharing in maya's first christmas
2.maybe maya's just being a free spirit and she doesn't want to do the things she "should" be doing :c)
3.that was a very stressful time and you and dave handled it extremely well