Friday, May 2, 2008

You've GOT to be kidding me

WARNING: Be forewarned, this entire post is digusting and way TMI. Read at your own risk (I wish the damn email I got this morning came with the same warning).

I get email from various pregnancy websites every Friday, when my weeks change (37 weeks today! Only 3 left!). This gem of an article was in an email that I got this morning:

"Some women will experience anal incontinence after giving birth. In general, this means they’ll have trouble controlling gas or less commonly their bowel movements. Anal incontinence can occur if your sphincter is torn during birth—as a result of a big baby, assisted vaginal delivery (with forceps), or if you have episiotomy (an incision between the vagina and anus to enlarge the vaginal opening)."

ANAL INCONTINENCE?!?!?! Are you joking? People keep saying to me "Oh you're almost done!" "You'll be much more comfortable soon" "Soon you won't be running to the bathroom as frequently" <--I swear, someone at work said that exact one to me yesterday. She must not be aware of the joyous possibility of anal incontinence.

Anal incontinence . . . for when regular incontinence just isn't embarassing enough.

(Ultrasound & nonstress test are this afternoon at 2)


Anonymous said...

oh my lord!!!!! i'm glad they didn't have the internet when i was pregnant---but just to share more unneeded info and to put your mind at ease, i had large babies, episiotomies and one forcep delivery and all is fine with me!!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! I too have had 2 kids and have not had this issue, thank God!!! I can only hope you won't experience this.... and if you do please refrain from posting it, or at least make it comical with a 'graphic content' warning boldly posted! hehe

Anonymous said...

two kids and not problems...sometimes it's not good to read those things

kris said...

hope the tests went well...this cracked me up--I'm sorry, that's mean. You'll be just fine! ( have 3 people who didn't have the problem...can we go 4 for 4??)