Sunday, May 18, 2008

39wks, 2 days

For the record:

I feel fine.

No, I haven't had the baby yet.

No, I'm not "desperate to have it out", "ready for this all to be over", "feeling huge", or "miserable".

My first week of maternity leave is done . . . and, as it tends to happen every single time I have a break from work, I got really sick. I'm not sure how much is actual illness, and how much is allergies, but I started antibiotics just in case. I've spent most of my time off just sitting around, realizing how miserable I would have been on bedrest. The first 2 days of not working were relaxing, but after that it was mostly boring. The highlights of my day are naptime and milkshake time . . . I'm not sure which one is better.

Here are some other highlights from the week:

-Tuesday: I went to a store called "The Upper Breast Side". Seriously. (It's a breastfeeding/nursing supply boutique). There motto is something like "You bring the breast, we do the rest." I couldn't make this stuff up.

-Wednesday: Dave & I went to the midwife & perinatologist. After lonngggg appointments & tests the consensus is that the baby isn't drastically small, but it's abdomen is measuring little (in the 13th percentile). Everything else is perfect (it scored an 8 out of 8 on some development tests). So I have to go get the tests repeated on Monday and Thursday to make sure baby is continuing to grow properly. Here are pictures from one of the recent sonograms:

Profile (baby is looking up):
Baby looking straight at the camera:

-Thursday: My mom came to visit and help clean. She got an amazing amount done as I mostly sat in the chair and stared at her sleepily. I don't know if it's the pregnancy or the sickness, but I am totally exhausted this week. It was really helpful to have her here.

-Friday: Dave & I went to dinner with his mom. We're trying to squeeze in some more dinners out before the baby arrives.

-Saturday: We spent the day hoping that the baby wouldn't come so that we could just enjoy the day and get things done. We barely managed to get our errands started, however, as I became starving in the car. (I seem to quickly get so hungry that I'm nauseous, which also happened back in the 1st trimester.) So we went to a drive-thru and got french fries. I thought it was photo-worthy. (Neither one of us could remember the last time that we had been to a drive-thru. I think mine was probably when I lived in Baltimore, which was 5 years ago.)

Today we got some more stuff around the apartment done. I finally uploaded the camera to my computer too.---See the pictures in the post above!

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Lisa said...

dave looks a little too excited about the drive through!!! LOL

the baby will be here soon enough and then it stays FOREVER!!! Enjoy your last couple of days as a family of two! :)