Sunday, May 18, 2008

A million pictures

*There is a new update post below this one. These are a million pictures from cleaning out my camera*

This was over spring break, when we were trying to clean out the apartment. Here's Dave in the guest room, going through boxes:

This was my favorite find of the cleaning project. An old wrestling t-shirt. I tried to explain that it's not quite as impressive if you're the champion, but they put the word champion in quotes. That would be like saying that I'm the "queen" of the universe.

Some of the garbage that we got rid of over break (along with my big self):

Our new grill! We're not supposed to have one, so it's got to be little enough to hide. Dave is the grill master. Or should I say "grill master":

My first non-stress test. Here I am hooked up to the monitors:

And the computer, you can see that at that moment the heartrate was 131 bpm.
Out to lunch on Mother's Day with Dave's parents & grandma:

The nursery, basically complete:

The baby's closet:

We can't use the bumpers once the baby comes, but they make the crib look nice now:
The dresser that used to be in our bedroom is now the baby's dresser/changing area:

I put the swing and bouncy seat together all by myself:

Car-seat carrier (stroller #1):

Jogging stroller with car seat attachment (stroller #2)--I put this together myself too!

This was the chart that my sister made for my shower. People who thought I would deliver early are dropping like flies:

And here are pictures of the rest of our apartment. I never finished putting them up after we moved in. I didn't take pictures of the 2nd bathroom, or the closets, but here you go:

Coming from the master bedroom & nursery, towards the main apartment:

The living room:

Standing in the living room, looking towards the kitchen/hallway:

The guest room:

Inside the guest room, looking out:



kris said...

Now all you need is the baby! Looks like you 2 have had a productive few weeks. Hang in there. I hope he/she makes an appearance this week!

grandma said...

wow!!! you guys really got a lot done over spring break--the place looked're the best cleaners. . . or should i say"best cleaners" :c) if only the baby could see these pics, it would be out already!!