Saturday, December 1, 2007

Small things, and an exorcism

1. Pay no attention to the talking baby at the top of the page---this week it's talking about having an ultrasound to find out the sex, which we are not doing. Our plan is to be surprised in May (unless some careless tech spills the beans by mistake).

2. My sister is insisting that I clear her name--she did not call me "wide" as mentioned in the previous post--she just said that I'm high (I think she meant my stomach, but whatever). My mother, on the other hand, definitely called me wide and can not wiggle out of it. Thanks, mom!

3. Yesterday we went to my niece's baptism in NJ. I wore an overly fancy dress because it's the only dress that still fits me (anyone have maternity clothes that you'd like to pass my way? Spread the word--I'll take anything). The best part of the baptism was the "Prayer of Exorcism" which the deacon said was to get rid of evil or something. Now, I started to giggle, and then Lisa saw me and started laughing, and then I just lost it (see below). I had no idea that Emerson was evil to begin with (she's fairly sweet and not at all threatening), but I'm glad that now she's had her successful exorcism.

The rest of the baptism entertainment was provided by Collin, who interrupted the deacon several times with his favorite phrase "I want to show you something". His best comment came during a particularly wordy prayer, when he shouted out "Stop talking!" Hee hee.

4. A few folks have asked if there's a place here that they can submit name suggestions. I'm trying to figure out the easiest way to make that happen, although I'm thinking that the suggestions may all be things like Dieter Nieder, or other ridiculousness.

Baby Update
The baby is now growing 2 inches every day and needs 1 brownie per day for optimal development. Ok, just kidding--but I'm hungry every 10 minutes, so this is what I tell myself so that I don't feel like a garbage disposal. Suddenly I'm also obsessed with brownies (and I've never been a big chocolate person).

For real, the baby is around 4-4.5" long. Hair and eyebrows are growing in, although the color may change before birth---it's also growing fine hair over its entire body which is supposed to fall out before birth (I certainly hope so). One website says "Although her eyelids are still fused shut, she can sense light. If you shine a flashlight at your tummy, for instance, she's likely to move away from the beam." I don't know why I would want to shine a flashlight at myself, but ok.

I still can't feel it move, which should happen sometime between 16-24 weeks :)


Lisa said...

Thanks for coming out yesterday! I was quite amused by your post as it is an accurate portrayal... although you should mention that the baptism was private so we were not ruining the sacred mood for any other families, just the 10 people (grandparents and godparents)in the church!

Dana's right, her belly is barely there early in the day but by night it starts to grow! I got to talk to my niece/nephew yesterday and get in a few good pokes!! :)

kris said...

The flashlight idea is...different. I haven't heard of that one!

Looks like Emerson's baptism was a good time all around. It is strange to look at that perfect little creature and figure out how the church can think there's sin/evil there!!

I look forward to suggesting some names--though I think you need to give us an idea of what you're looking for, style, etc.

Glad you're doing well. I'll be in NYC next weekend briefly, but then home for a whole week at Christmas--maybe we can get together??

grandma said...

i honestly still can't remember calling you "wide"!!!! the christening was great---it was so much fun to see you and lisa laughing so hard!!!! the gummi bear belly is getting there slowly but surely. and i'm getting my list of names ready. . .did someone already suggest maureen :c)

Skeadas said...

Just letting you know I am thoroughly enjoying the blog thus far!!! You are too funny! Got your text but couldn't write back because the 4 5 and 6 don't work on my phone...the same phone I had when I visited you in New 2004. Anywhos, all here is fine overall but I don't want this to be an email it's a comment so I'll write you an email. The blog is awesome, keep it up.

lisa said...

don't know if you get notifications for comments on old posts, but i was just looking back and laughed out loud at this summary of em's baptism! i barely remembered half of that stuff!