Thursday, December 6, 2007

We hear babies (well, only one baby)

The title of this post has a dual meaning:

1. We (Dave & I) heard the baby's heartbeat at the appointment today! It only took a few seconds to find the heartbeat, but it was very difficult to continue listening to it, as the baby is moving around a lot! After a few seconds of heartbeat, we would hear a little thump/whoosh as it moved out of the way.

2. Layla (the cat) has superpowers. We mentioned the cat at the appointment, and the midwife asked if she was male or female. When I said female, she said "You know that she knows you're pregnant already, right?" Well, since she brought it up I shared that Layla has been nutso since I was 3 or 4 weeks along---crawling all over me, in my face constantly. She said that female cats (moreso than males) are very sensitive to pregnancy, and that by now Layla can hear the baby moving. Also, she will want to be near the baby--not only sitting near me, but sitting close to my stomach.

Now when she stares at me I feel like I'm sitting next to that little kid from The Sixth Sense. Charming.


Collin said...


(Collin asked what I was doing, I said reading Aunt Dana's site and I was going to leave a note... he wanted to write cat so he did... apparently he warmed up his typing finger with the letter z)

grandma said...

so glad things went well at the appt today. seems like you've got a little mover and shaker in there!!! and we always knew layla was special

Skeadas said...

Perfect picture of Layla to put up with that post. Or should I say purrrrrrrfect? I am so funny. Or should I say fuuuuuuuuuuunny?