Wednesday, December 19, 2007

-----News in Brief-----

This last week of work before Christmas break is always so busy that I don't really have any time to update stuff here. So here are the headlines for now . . .

1. We closed on our new apartment! I'm now a homeowner (and until we close on selling this place, Dave actually owns 2 apartments)! We are meeting with the realtor tonight in Riverdale to do the official walk-through and get the keys to our new place :)

2. I've felt the baby move a few times, but it's certainly not regular. I can only feel it if I'm sitting still and paying attention, which certainly doesn't happen at work very often.

3. Today's my birthday :) Happy Birthday to me!

4. As a birthday present, I bought myself a doppler (it's like a little microscope that attaches to a speaker---I put it on my belly and we can listen to the baby's heartbeat). It's way fun and I used it last night---the baby's heartrate was 142.

So our break will be filled with packing and moving madness--a big challenge for me, as I like to get in there and do everything, so I need to keep telling myself not to lift heavy things, etc.

Oh--highlight of my week so far: I return to school yesterday (the closing was Monday, so we weren't at work). After 3 days of not seeing my, some of the kids eyes looked like they were going to pop out of their head--my stomach is really expanding! A 6th grade boy who sits right in front of me says, as we're starting class: "Mrs. Nieder, this has nothing to do with science, but your stomach has gotten a lot wider!" What the hell?! I guess this is the one time in life when people are allowed to say these things? If I see you over the holidays you better get your wide comments in now, because they won't be so funny starting the day after the baby is born.


kris said...

Happy birthday!

Riverdale! That's exciting--my mom grew up there :) Congrats.

Enjoy the holidays with your family!

grandma said...

1.congrats and we get to help you move again! 2. can't wait to feel it and to SEE you belly move too 3.happy bday, it was snowing 28 yrs ago today! 4.hmmmm 142, maybe a boy. and at least i'm not the only one who called you wide---although i still don't remember that!!! :c)

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Sorry we missed sending a cheer. Cousin Greg's is tomorrow and so for old memory sake, "22 years ago, I was in labor!" A mother never forgets that experience :) Best of luck with the move, congrats on the new digs, happy holidays and hugs to you all. LOVE, The Henkes Crew