Sunday, December 9, 2007

16 week Update & a Dream

Baby Update-16 weeks

At 4 1/2 inches long-ish (head to bottom), the baby is about the size of an avocado (I remember being 4 weeks along, when it was the size of a poppy seed, so it's grown a lot!) The next two weeks will be a big growth spurt, which must be why I'm hungry and exhausted again. Its ears are in the proper place and it can hear sounds from outside the body as well as inside, so it's time to start talking to it, although I feel a little stupid doing so. Although closed, its eyes are moving (slowly), and it's even started growing toenails. Facial muscles now make it possible for the baby to make a varitey of faces/expressions.

All the websites say that this is when I could start feeling the baby move, but I haven't felt anything yet. 18-20 weeks is more common-and that will my right at my birthday & Christmas time. Feeling it move around would be a good present!

Most disgusting new baby fact: The baby is now emptying its bladder every 30-45 minutes. I have something peeing inside of me. Gross.

I had a dream about the baby last night--nothing exciting, but it was a boy. He had brown, curly hair and big eyes. I know that there are some folks out there who put a lot of stock in pregnant mom dreams, so I'm just providing you with the facts, in case anyone wants to change their gender prediction.

More stuff to come soon, I hope---it's hard to update this when I'm so tired. But I wanted to give the 16 week baby growth update before we were done with week 16.


Anonymous said...

How can I be the first one to comment on this?? Grandma and Grandpa are slipping!! Just kidding- I think the dream thing is truish (is that a word??) I have had 2 dreams that I was having a girl since I got pregnant, so we'll see if mine proves right or wrong (we're cheating and finding out)Good luck- can't wit to you feel it moving- it is a really cool feeling- and don't worry if you feel it and then not again for a few days because that was what happened with David and he was perfect!!

Anonymous said...

Well, I tend to believe the dream thing since EVERY dream that I had while pregnant with Collin was a boy dream, and all but 1 dream with Emerson was a girl! Like Stacy said, it's very common to feel movement in the beginning and then not feel anything for a few days! I just wonder if you're going to shreik every time you feel your baby move like you did when you felt my babies move!!! Can't wait to give you a poke at Christmas time!!! You better actually look pregnant by then! :)

Anonymous said...

dreams may be correct don't worry, if it's a boy, instead of it peeing IN you it will be peeing ON you soon enough!!! :c) so i may change my prediction---after i get heartrate # and see if your face changes or not ps if those are symptoms of a growth spurt, i think your dad and i are having one too!!