Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oh, you're my best friend*

This morning Dave took Parker for a walk and came back with a park bench.  A mini park bench.  He found it in the trash, grabbed it up, and brought it home, just like any good dad would do.  And Maya liked it :)

My new bench!

Parker likes it too . . .

Parker, I've got an idea.  Let's take some pictures with my new bench!

 Maya, sit still please.

Parker!  Stay still!

Everybody stay still!  Maya, this is not funny!  Stop laughing and be serious.

Oh, you are such a ham.

I'm gonna put my feet up like Parker's!

Just me, my best friend, and my new bench :)

Maya: (clap! clap! clap!) This is so much fun!
Parker: I'm outta here.

I give Parker treats when he's a good doggie :)

(Did you figure out that the titles with the *'s are song lyrics?  I thought that was the easiest way to show which ones are lyrical---like today's Queen quote---and which ones are just me.)


grandma said...

dad would be so proud----a new garbage picker in the family :-)

Krystle said...

haha, love it! Dh probably wouldn't have brought it home, but would have told me about it, and i'd have been pissed!

I love the one picture where Parker looks like a GIANT in comparison!!

Jenny said...

I especially love the couple of pics where Parker has his paws up on the bench. What a handsome dog and what a beautiful girl!

Jo-Anne said...

Score! I love those little benches. I can't believe someone was throwing that out, it looks great. It looks even better with Maya and Parker. =)

marie clare said...

Parker is such a ham! I love him with the 2 paws up. Our Brodie would be having none of that :)