Saturday, July 30, 2011

I've got a case of SBAD

Seasonal Blog Abandonment Disorder.

Summer begs for relaxation.  Outside adventures and spontaneous trips, followed by catnaps and relaxing.  Somehow half the summer is gone already (although Dave is just now joining summer-in-progress, since yesterday was his last day of summer school) . . . and my motivation for anything that requires mental energy is slim.  I have fleeting thoughts of things to write about, but then I see a sprinkler or an ice cream cone and they slip right out of my head.

I thought to myself "I feel like I slack on blogging every summer", which prompted me to go back in the archives to last summer around this time, and I saw this post*.  Oh my goodness!  Maya is so little!  Parker is so little!  My family is getting so big (literally)---just a year has made a huge difference.   Slow down, everyone. 

The highlight of this past week was cancelling therapy for a day and running away to CT to visit Maya's cousins. 

A playhouse + play doh?!?  I don't even know where to start.

We caught little toads!  I think I may have been even more excited than Maya :)

Ah, summertime.
Anyway, sorry for the potentially longer stretches between posts.  I'll try to get my act together.  And September brings school (for Maya) and unemployment (for me) so I should have plenty of free time to write then.

*PS-My favorite part of that post is in the comments--I love the comment by Anonymous: "Dana, you are definitely starting to get funnier." Thanks?  I think?

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