Friday, August 19, 2011

When (semi) good pictures go (painfully) bad

We just got back from a fantastically relaxing beach trip with my family.  Maya had fun playing with her cousins, and the extra adults around meant that we had 3 cameras out and about for spontaneous photoshoots.  On the last night we were there, my dad used my camera and took the following series of photos.

(Right before we took these I said to Dave "I'll be in the stupid pictures, but I'm not using them on the blog or framing them or anything---this shirt is too billowy and unflattering, and my hair is all beachy and wind-tangled.  (grumble)"   But then . . . well, you'll see . . . so I'm swallowing my pride and sharing them anyway . . .)

Dana: Cheese!
Dave: Cheese!
Maya: Cheese!

Dana: Cheese!
Dave: Cheese!
Maya: Cheese!

Dana: Cheese!
Dave: Cheese!
Maya: Guys, this is kind of getting old.

 Dana: Cheese!
Dave: Cheese!
Maya:  Seriously.  I'm getting really bored.  Can we do something else?

Dana: (sigh) Cheese (sigh)
Dave: Cheese!
Maya: Really . . .anything else.  There must be something else to do up here.

Dana: Cheese!
 Dave: Cheese!
Maya: Hey!  Mommy, I'm over your head!  I think I can even reach your hair!

Dana: Chee---Hey, is something on my head?
Dave: Cheese!

Dave: Pictures are so relaxing . . .
Maya: Gotcha!  (cackling)  I told you guys I was bored!  Take that!

Dana:  Ayyyyyyyyyy!!!  My hair!  I need to save the hair I have left!
Dave: I wonder what we'll do tomorrow.  I hope we go back to the beach.  I should open my eyes but I'm just too relaxed.
Maya: Hair is like a handle for your head.  This is SO FUN! 

Dana: Seriously, I have tears in my eyes.  Someone get this child to release me.
Dave: Wait.  What's going on here?  Dana, stop making that face.  We're supposed to be taking pictures.
Maya: I'm not letting go.  Ever.

(Giveaway coming sometime between now and Monday.  It's not a big prize, but it's something fun---one of Maya's favorite things.)


Anonymous said...


Carrie Millsaps said...

I love the pics. Even the hair pulling

jerri said...

Too cute! The best one (of the whole 'hair today, gone tomorrow'), is your first one with the big "ahhhhhh!" lol

A give away? Maya's favorite things? Hmmm. I've always wanted a cow. Where do I sign?

Unknown said...

Yep, just got a few good laughs at your expense. Thank you and sorry about the sore head :) its amazing what a strong grip a toddler has!

tanya said...

great series! love the captions. Welcome back!

marie clare said...

Loved it!!! Sorry for having a chuckle at your expense. Hope Maya released the death grip before too much pain was incurred.