Monday, August 29, 2011

A girl and her dog (and last day for the giveaway!)

How about a little Maya-Parker love on this gorgeous Monday afternoon?

One of the sweetest things about returning from our vacation 2 wks ago was the reuniting of Maya and Parker (who had spent the week at my in-laws).  Maya spends a lot of time petting him, hugging him, and giving him kisses . . . and he spends a lot of time being very patient :)  He seeks her out, too---bumping her with his nose, bringing her his toys, etc.  Getting her a dog was possibly the best thing we've done for her :)

Check out the video (taken from my phone---sorry for the quality) from this morning.  You'll want the volume on to hear all of her giggles, which escalate when he decides to throw in some little barks.  2 notes:  1.  Although you can see his mouth opened a little at times, know that he's extrememly gentle with his nose/mouth/teeth  2.  Maya's hugs are not usually quite so vigorous. 

How sweet is it that he wrestles out of her hug just to turn and lick her nose?!

Today is your last chance to enter the Leapfrog Letter Factory DVD giveaway!   Winner will be picked & posted tomorrow evening----you can enter up to 5 times, go check it out!

Also, next week I'm taking Maya to see the geneticist to have a new test done.  I've got some thoughts on that, but no time to sort through them just yet.  We're too busy enjoying the last throes of summer (and some beautiful post-hurricane weather) to get too serious at the moment.  Summer fun now, deep thoughts later.


Krystle said...

love it! We keep thinking about a therapy dog for Peyton..did you have him professionally trained?

Good luck at the geneticist. I really thought we'd get somewhere for sure at our last appointment..but nope..nothing new.


Enjoy the rest of the summer!!

grandma said...

they are such a delightful duo!!! parker was the best investment ever---such a great dog(family member)

Anonymous said...

Maya is getting so big that Elisha thought this was an old video from when Parker was smaller!
Aviva Goldman

Dana said...

Krystle, I did his training. He doesn't do anything amazing (like turn lights on/off), but that's because I haven't followed through on it---he's certainly smart enough to do it. He's more or less trained to be her buddy--very patient, loving, etc. He likes to play with her, and she adores him :)

Anonymous said...

They are so wonderful together!
He proves how gentle these standards are with the little ones, and she understands that he is her best friend and is gentle with him as well!

Cynda Western Felini said...

I'm wondering if you have tested for 7q11.23 duplication. Maya and Gabriel have a lot of similarities so it makes me wonder.