Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back*

When we returned home yesterday, I found 2 things waiting for me.

1.  A big leak in the kitchen ceiling, with an artsy speckling of mold.  Nice.

This pic is from this morning, after the super made a big investigatory hole. 

2.  My book!  I recently had poked around online, looking for a way to make my blog into a book (not a bookstore book, a scrapbook-y book).  I kept stressing that one day I would make a stupid blogging mistake and inadvertently erase my family's history.  I found a simple site and ordered my blog, from 2007-2009. 

Cover.  (That's Maya back when she was just a gummi bear, in my first blog post ever.)

Table of Contents

OMG.  She was just always super cute, huh?  That's from back in the day.

Back Cover

It was fun, despite some glitches on their site that made me nuts for a day or two.  I can't wait to order 2010.  From here on out I'll order one book for each year.

Speaking of books and writing, I'm enjoying learning how to write through blogging . . . but some bloggers start out as writers, and wow---there's a big difference.  I've mentioned him before on the FB page (and maybe here too?)----but he has a new post today and it's worth reading and sharing.  Go check it out:  Fighting Monsters with Rubber Swords by Rob Rummel-Hudson.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing on the hard work for me by finding Blog2Print! I'm totally going to be a copycat.

The blogs that are written by writers (however they became one) are like reading a never ending novel/editorial column that you just can't get enough of. There are a handful of blogs like this that I follow, the only ones of people I don't actually know. You fall into that category, I love your writing, your style, your love of sharing information, your photography skills, and of course your subject matter.

Unknown said...

I read Rob's post today and shared on FB. He is an amazing writer that always makes me think, I like that. Your blog is equally as important, it always makes me laugh. Sorry about the water damage, that stinks...literally :)

Dana said...

Definitely use Blog2Print---despite the temporary annoyance, the book is great. I feel a little less stressed that the internet will eat my hard work.

Thanks for the kind words about the blog :)