Sunday, March 21, 2010

We get by with a little help from our friends . . .*

That's nearly been the mantra this week. I wish I had pictures for each day, but . .. eh. Here was our social calendar this week:

-Wednesday (St. Patrick's Day) morning with Sarita & baby Olivia (complete with fresh baked Irish soda bread & coffee cake , c/o my best baking friend)
-Thursday morning: playground playdate & brunch with my folks (pics from Grandma)

-Thursday afternoon: playground playdate with Cathy, Fernanda & Wendy (see pic on my last post)
-Friday evening: steakhouse celebration with Dave's folks, and Uncle Alan, Aunt Lori, & cousins Brooke & Sammy
-Saturday: lunch & playground date with Aunt Lisa, Uncle Jason, Collin & Emerson
-Sunday: brunch with Whitney &  Craig (by the way guys, we got the camera!)

It might look busy, but it was fantastic. I'm operating under a throw-yourself-out-into-the-universe philosophy (yeah, yeah, insert eye roll here). But seriously . . . the weather is getting warm. We have a very heavy therapy schedule (getting busier as we add 2 weekly trips into the city this week for private feeding & speech therapy), and we (or I) need to socialize. And I feel little sparks of possibility as I push myself out of my comfort zone. So I've (literally) posted fliers in the neighborhood, thrown things up on message boards, and am reaching out to old friends for contact. Do you live nearby? We'd love to meet up. For real. Don't be shy :)

Also this week, Maya got a (home-made) license plate:

And learned that shadows are mysterious and elusive:

And she's a monkey at the playground, climbing climbing climbing. I'm trying to get a good video, stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

Olivia and I LOVED the visit, Dana! Okay, Olivia loved the bap, but I loved the visit :)! Please, please, please come back. We have a park, and I'm holding Mya's little cup hostage! Just kidding, we do have her cup but I'll bring it into KIPP on Friday.