Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Baby's first piercing (ear drum piercing, that is)

Surgery went well. We're pretty tired, and Maya is a little off (and a little puffy) from the anesthesia. We ended up spending a while in the hospital, because, just like with the adenoid surgery, Maya refused to drink in recovery. And since they won't remove the IV until she's drinking, we were stuck. We watched other people come and go, and after 4 hours in the recovery room they finally told us just to leave (with permission from her ENT). Ironically, about 10 minutes into the car ride home Maya started signing "water, water" and then drank :)

We spent most of those 4 hours passing her back and forth while she rested and slept on us. Then she would perk up and cry, then flop back to sleep. It's funny to look back on pictures from the adenoid surgery---she's a much bigger girl now, but a lot of the faces that she made today were the same!

First thing this morning: Dave & I are exhausted, Maya thinks we woke her up early to party.

We arrive in the hospital playroom, Maya realizes where she is and tries to bolt for the door:

How big is Maya? Soooooo big!

Driving around the hospital hallway:

All scrubbed up:

Dad's in scrubs, too!
Signing times pre-surgery:

Immediately post-op:

Leaving the surgery floor:

A nurse offered to take a family picture :) Maya's thinking "Really? You've got to be kidding me with this camera"


Awake, but so groggy:

Andddddd . . . back to sleep:
I. Don't. Want. This. Stupid. WATER!

Hopefully now the tubes will do their job----less ear infections, more hearing clarity, and (fingers crossed) more speech sounds.


lisa said...

she is so cute!!! some of those pics are a little sad though! i hope the tubes do their job!!! glad everything went well!

grandma said...

i love the " awake but groggy" picture!!! so cute. i'm so glad things went well and you didn't have to stay quite as long this time. am i the only one who thinks dave looks ridiculously big in that wheel chair?!?

grandma said...

and as for the title, should we tell her about some of her mommy's piercings ;c)

Unknown said...

Glad to hear that you are home and that Maya is recovering! Loved the pictures. We're thinking of you guys :)

Liz & Co.

Colleen H said...

Glad everything went well for all of you. Hopefully this will be it for a loooong time. Thanks for sharing your pictures.