Saturday, March 13, 2010

The not snowing

(The title is my clever way of breaking the tension after my heavy last post "The not knowing"---see, a play on words? And also it points out that today is a dreadfully miserable rainy--not snowy--day. Oh, and I'm putting up our snowstorm pictures, finally.)

(Don't be insulted that I had to explain my clever title---I'm not underestimating you, it's for my other blog readers. Really.)

Snowstorm pics--Dave & Maya got to play together in the snow for the first time this year (if you remember, the last snowstorm was filled with vomit and the worst waffle ever . . . this one was much better).

I was hopping up and down, whistling, making animals noises, and trying desperately to get a picture of both of them looking in the same frick-fracking direction and smiling:

Alright, off to a slow start. Dave, why don't you get in there with her?

Ok, cute snowman :) But how about we try to smile?

Dave-well done. Maya, step it up! Weee! Come on Maya! (slight hopping)

Maya, yes!!!! Argh, DAVE! HONESTLY?!

Sigh. Yes, Dave, that's much better. MAYAmayamayamaya . . .

Then I gave up and we took her sledding:

Or just plopped her on the hood of the car.

And we tried again for a pic:

So close!


The new walker: Our OT brought a walker for Maya this week, and I was excited to get her moving. She wasn't super into it on Monday night at home, and I thought that maybe we'd have more luck with it outside.

On Tuesday I was a total rookie---I honestly felt impressive loading up the walker to go to the park. Good for you! Be bold, take it out! Maybe she'll be more interested in trying it outside. The clunking and clanging as I tried to figure out how to move around with it was ridiculous. I giggled to myself for about a third of the walk to the park, shifting and reshifting until I came up with this:

On Weds I was a pro:
Dave & I looked at this picture and realized that if I painted eyeballs on the bottom of the tennis balls than I might scare the bejeezus out of people as we walk towards them.

And, anyway, the playground idea worked. She can't get far on her own yet, but if I push she'll toddle along to keep up just fine.

And now I'm tired of writing this, and I have no interesting way to tie it together, so we'll end with my favorite pic from this past month:

Perfection :)


lisa said...

go maya go!!!!! i love the new pics and i can totally appreciate the trying to get a pic of two people looking at the camera at the same time, so frustrating!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It was great to see you, Dave & Maya today. Maya is doing great with the walker - she's going to be running before you know it. Love the "sledding" picture.

grandma said...

loved the running commentary under the pics!! and definitely paint the eyes on the tennis balls. it would kind of look like the robot in the movie "short circuit"

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