Monday, March 15, 2010

Can you hear me now?

Maya's ear tube surgery will be tomorrow at 8:50am. We will check-in at NY Eye & Ear Hospital at 7:20am. The procedure should be simple enough . . . the 2 stressful parts are keeping her happy despite not being able to eat prior to the surgery, and then the recovery from the anesthesia. It threw her for a loop last time.

Keep us in your thoughts, and I will update tomorrow, even if it's brief.


Sarita said...


This is the first time I had access to the link to your blog (I love Facebook), thus the first time I was able to check out your blog. I had a complete readathon today while Olivia napped,and while I'm a bit too late to comment on all of the past entries, I will simply say "Thank you." The whole time I felt like I was opening up a very special gift :).

All my thoughts and love tomorrow,

kris said...

Thinking of you all. Maya will rock it.