Monday, March 22, 2010

New camera

And I experimented with it on a bike ride around the neighborhood . . .


You lookin' at me?

Mommy, INAPPROPRIATE time for a picture!

And then we walked over to our fave, the dog run:

Doggies far away . . .

Closer . . .


Get back here, doggy!

Oh, you doggies are too much!


Helaine Nieder said...

Dana, you are a fantastic mother. I am so proud of you. Maya is the happiest baby!!

lisa said...

great pics!!!

i love the one of her crying! she looks adorable!!! she's so cute, even when she's sad!!!

i laughed so hard on saturday when i saw the license plate! she's doing a great job getting around!!! :)

grandma said...

love the smiles of maya and daddy!!!