Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Take-a-Look Tuesday: AAC user videos

Both of these videos, which I found during my search for an effective AAC system for Maya, shaped my perception of AAC users . . . in very good, but very different ways. The first video is short (and silly!) and the second is actually a full-length documentary (which I shared several years ago, so if you're a long time reader it may seem familiar).

The first video is of a boy talking with his brother and sister (they're triplets!) at dinner (using a Springboard Lite from PRC). I remember first seeing this video and loving it---it was one of the first times I saw AAC included in home life like it was no big deal. Also, you kind of can't help but laugh at the typical kid talk :)

The second video is the movie "Only God Could Hear Me." This documentary follows the lives of four adult AAC users and simultaneously tells the story of the creation of the Minspeak AAC language. The opening scene of this movie totally blew me away, simultaneously revealing and destroying assumptions that I was unaware I had about people who use AAC. Chris Klein, who is featured in that opening scene (and throughout the movie) is now the president of USSAAC, the United States Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication. If you don't have time for more, at least watch the first four minutes and twelve seconds.

Happy viewing!  



Joy Young said...

I miss the old devices...the stand on the accent is horribly designed. I've replaced it once and it stripped again within a few weeks. That being said the potty humor video cracked me up!

Teresa said...

The first video strikes me as a very good example of why you don't want adults limiting the words the kids need...Who would think an elementary schooler needed to be able to say diarrhea at the table?