Friday, October 24, 2014

#AACfamily Friday photo round-up!

Different people, different systems, united by their use of AAC :)

A 3 year old boy learning about the words "hide", "find", "open/shut eyes", and "look" using a Pixon communication book and rice bins with his SLP, Shannon, in New Zealand! (See Shannon's website here!)

Mirabel, age 3, using Speak for Yourself during a shopping trip!

Sammie being silly while discussing Aunt Dawn, who has actually run multiple marathons and is the opposite of lazy (and doesn't eat pepperoni, either)!

Gathering the devices, joysticks, switches and stands we are using in a project we're doing on best practices for apps for communication! (from Sandra, AAC technician at DART, Western Sweden's Centre for AT and AAC)

3 year old Harry in Australia practicing for Show and Tell at childcare using Go Talk Now!

AAC up and ready to communicate with while trying to study in the college library . . . 

and the back of her Lifeproof case modified with stickers!

 Photos of Isaac, age 4, using TouchChat with Word Power to talk with his cousin while at the playground . . . 

and talking about colors with his mom!

Nicole (25) picking out her pumpkin at the pumpkin farm - wearing her talker, of course!

Tia learning about fall field and harvest with her Boardmaker board in a communication binder . .

and choosing which song she would like to watch/listen via speaking dynamically! (Also, here is there Facebook group:  Nadomestna komunikacija/neverbalno sporazumevanje)

The first time that Felix told his mom that he loved her! (she had already gotten him more cheese)

Aidan uses GoTalk to tell his dad about his day at school! (Check out his mom's blog here)

James, 4 years old, using a Tobii C-12 via auditory scanning at the pumpkin patch! (Fort Worth, TX)

Here is Nathaniel the first time he saw his talker. Someday we'll learn all those words! (Check out his mom's blog here)

 Tom is an 11 year old multi-modal communicator who is also using Speak for Yourself . . . 

and wanted his dad to take him to buy some hot chips!

Reese has been around devices since he was a puppy. When we were developing and testing Speak for Yourself, I would use it to ask him if he wanted to eat or go for a walk, so he learned to listen to AAC. Now he comes over anytime I'm working with case there's something in it for him! (From Heidi, of the Speak for Yourself team)

Daniel said the first sentence as soon as he saw Elmo on tv, and the second when a Geico commercial came on (geckos totally look like frogs)! 

Abby at Camp Communicate in Maine, talking about pirates!

This is Lily Grace with her mama, grandma, and PODD communication book at the beach!

Josh and his friend have been in the same class since they were 3, and sometimes they even use each other's AAC! 

What's better than one communication device? 3!

Jack teaching his grandpa, Pa, how to use his iPad!

This is an old picture of ours (back when we used a full size iPad and a keyguard). I told Maya that it looked "a little sunny" and she replied "big sunny" :)

Thanks for all of the contributions---next week is the final Friday in October! For the final #AACfamily during AAC Awareness month, you can send in any AAC related photo. Send photos to by Thursday night at 8pm EST. 

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