Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I think she wants to go to school

We stopped by the preschool today to drop off some giant cardboard animals.  Remember the ones that I scored for Maya's birthday party?  Well, her classroom is starting the year with a jungle/safari theme, so I volunteered them to the teacher as potential decorations.  (I'm not sure if they'll really have room for them--they're huge!---but she said to bring them in.)

Maya got to meet her teacher & assistant teachers (who were all lovely).  As they crowded over her stroller she got a little whimpery (we were also coming straight from the hospital, so it had been a long morning).  They asked her if she would like to come to school and play in the classroom and she nodded with wide eyes.  They showed her her special chair (with her picture on it---so cute!) and some of the decorations.

We only stayed a few minutes--they were busy setting up and I didn't want to invade their time.  I said to Maya "Say 'bye-bye'" and she said "Buh!"

And then her face crumpled.

And then the tears started.

I smiled sheepishly and told them, "I knew this would happen.  She's really ready for school.  She doesn't want to leave."  And to back me up, she started pointing at the classroom through her tears, signing play, and trying to get out of her stroller straps.

Through the hallway, down the elevator---hysterics.  I kept telling people "She doesn't want to leave school!"  and they were sympathetic.  In the downstairs lobby, we pulled over to have a talk (and videotaped it to show Dave how much she wanted to stay). 

(Lest you think I'm heartless, I was holding my cell phone camera in one hand and off to the side.  I wasn't hiding behind my cell phone instead of consoling her.)

My I-don't-want-to-leave-school girl:

She's so ready.

I hope she feels the same way on Thursday.

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