Wednesday, February 9, 2011

You gotta fight (!) . . . for your right (!). . . to party (?)*

My new books arrived in the mail today . . .

. . . watch out, Mr. "You don't have the right to that, I only have to give you a school placement." Now two of us will know the laws.

Or at least one of us will.

Come to think of it, you seemed confused on some of the details. I could bring them to the meeting in case you need a refresher.


Also, I put up a new poll.   Be interactive, chime in---it only takes a second (or two), and it makes me happy to see votes come in (you know, like there are really people out there).


Meghan said...

Hire a professional Educational Advocate. It is the best money I have ever spent! He/she will help you navigate the system and take the emotional aspect out of the IEP process.

Check out Wright's Law

Good luck and thank-you for sharing Maya's story.

Anonymous said...

Maybe one of the local law schools have students who are finishing up school and can help for free with these kinds of issues? It gives them real experience in a field of their interest, and may give you some relatively legit legal advice to run by someone who's passed the bar. Might be a starting place if lawyers for this are pricey.