Saturday, February 26, 2011

February break a leg

 The title: Ever see Wheel of Fortune when they put 2 phrases together to make a puzzle, like "Hole in one of those days"  (Hole in one, one of those days)?  Well, we're on February break, I can't think of anything cohesive to write about, just weird little things, so I thought a title made of two separate thoughts was fitting.  So I sat here thinking "February break . . . breakfast . . . break a leg . . ." .  *Inititally the title was "February break your face" because I think "I'm going to break your face" is a hysterical thing to say.  However, if you can't actually hear me say it, I realize that it could seem menancing and violent, so I changed it.  I'm not actually a face breaker, you know.

Sometimes I can't put together anything cohesive, so here are some snippets about our February vacation week.

This morning we had therapy 1st thing, and before anyone gets all like "What?!  On a Saturday?!  Poor Maya!", let me show you what happened.  I said "Hey Maya, Virginia (special instructor) will be here any minute" and when I turned around I saw this:

That's Maya, sitting at her table, and she had already taken out the big ziploc bag of little people, tables and chairs that they use to set up the birthday party.  (She's holding up part of the wall for the party.)  Clearly, she doesn't dread her therapists coming  :)

Later in the day, we visited with cousins and then went to Barnes and Noble.  As it turns out, having a kid who can walk is a lot of work (but I'm certainly not complaining).  She knows where she wants to go (which is everywhere) and protests loudly when we grab her up.  (One can only stand at the bottom of the escalator and clap for the descending folks for so long before it becomes less "cute" and more "get out of my way, kid").

She  liked the train table in the kids section:

But then tried to lean on the little dude in the brown shirt, who seemed confused by why she was touching him.  She doesn't really get social boundaries like that.  Humans are for leaning on when you start to lose your balance, and it doesn't really matter who that human is.  (We were there to quickly intervene.)

Other break happenings?

General mischief-making is always a favorite past time.  I left her alone for 2 minutes with her toys while I cleaned up breakfast, and that's all the time she needed to find a random pack a baby wipes. 

The fact that my initial reaction is to squeal, laugh and grab my camera probably encourages some naughtiness.  Oops.

And we've had the chance to hang out with a bunch of family, including her cousins (we've seen 4 over this break!), who adore Maya.  At my parent's house, Collin tried to teach her shapes (which was hit or miss) and Emmie gave her truck rides (which were really funny).

Oh, and I got my hair done.  Now I'm very glamorous. Well, even moreso than usual.

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Marie said...

Kasey also has a knack of finding baby wipes and pulling them all out of the container- but she now tries to put them back in..