Sunday, February 27, 2011

First real playground trip on 2 feet

Dave and I took Maya to the playground today---our first family trip there since she's turned into a walking girl (I did take her for a few mins by myself to get a few pictures last week, but it was too windy for her to walk for more than a minute). 

She had so much fun that when we said "Hey Maya, can you make a silly face?" She instantly obliged:

(it cracks me up every time)

She was able to walk everywhere!

(Yeah, I chuckle at 0:09 when she falls down.  It's a proud mama chuckle---she knows how to fall!  She doesn't hit her head on the ground!  It's a very cute little fall.  And I know she knows how to get back up)

Increased ability for independent movement = increased potential to get into trouble. Maya spotted a little girl who had the exact same pink stroller that we have. And then proceeded to proudly steal it while said little girl was sitting in a pile of rocks and having her picture taken.

Innocent little girl playing in rocks at the tip of Dave's shadow, her mom is taking her picture while dad and grandma look on adoringly.  I'm trying to convince Maya to bring back the stroller she's just absconded (upper left).

Then I started laughing and hissed "Dave, take her away and I'll bring the stroller back!".  He tried to grab her up, but she wasn't about to let go:

Note the amused, proud expression.

That amused expression lasted for about 20 more seconds, until I peeled the stroller from her death grip and she had a holy screaming tantrum as Dave carried her away.   Luckily, I had stickers in the diaper bag, since stickers solve everything.


grandma said...

i love the video!!! and love how she thought she would just join all the kids for a basketball game too :-)

Stacy said...

Wow!! She is amazing!! Go Maya go! I am so excited whenever I see the new things she can do- she is walking so well after such a short amount of time!

Tanya said...

What a great day!! Glad you guys had a chance to enjoy the beautiful afternoon. And YES Stickers do solve everything. I'm dreading the day they lose their power. Wait, I now have "patty-cake" Lolol.

Sarah said...

Oh my word! Look at her go! WOOT WOOT!

Mary said...

Look at her go!!! That's great!