Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Maya dressed in her red heart shirt (thanks, Grandma) and even found her old heart sunglasses :)

She's so clever, this girl.  She pushed the sunglasses up like a headband, just like Mommy does.

And then we ran into Maya's  Mega-me.  (That's the opposite of Mini-me, right?). 

In the foreground, Maya 2011.  In the background, Maya 2111. 

I can't help but wonder if the older folks in the neighborhood think we're making fun of them.  You know, like "Why doens't that woman just get her kid a shopping cart toy like everyone else?! grumble, grumble  A mini-walker?  Is that supposed to be funny?"

(Seriously, that lady was nice.  I don't think she even noticed Maya's walker.)

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Mom said...

OK now that brillant writing & insight

Dana said...

I'm not sure if that comment was:

a) A joke, like "Ok, now *that's* brilliant writing and insight, ha ha ha"


b) A request/demand, like "Ok, *now* brilliant writing & insight. Right now. Stop wasting my time with this drivel."

Either way, thanks for commenting! Happy Valentine's day :)