Monday, September 27, 2010

This post is short & sweet, as I am currently enjoying my champagne.  I bought a bottle to celebrate the fact that the splint paperwork has gone through.  Oh, you hadn't heard?  (Become a fan on Facebook, then!!!)  The vendor is coming here on Friday to measure Maya.  Splints are on the way :)

For now, here we were during breathing treatment #3 today . . . see Maya smiling?  That's because she gets to watch Elmo while the nebulizer runs.  She loves it!

And here's the latest look-how-big-Parker-is-now picture:

Then:                                                                                                      Now:


lisa said...

yay for a happy maya! she's so cute! and parker is HUGE!!!!!

carollee03 said...

Yay for the paperwork victory!! Your persistence paid off!!

Colleen H said...

Glad to hear all your hard work paid off - let's hope all goes well on Friday. Hope Maya is feeling better real soon.

anne said...

Joss wants to know if Parker is getting so big that he'll have to sleep outside soon...He also wants to know what Maya is going to be for Halloween.