Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My new 'do

Ever wonder what it would look like if  . . .

. . . you let a toddler cut your hair?

 . . . or fell asleep with several pieces of gum in your mouth that fell out and got into your hair and had to be cut out?

. . . or you put a blindfold on your hair stylist, tied one hand behind their back, and just said "go for it!"?

Maybe something like this:

As new hair grows in (hooray!) I've been left with crazy tufts that stick straight up.  If you've been checking out our albums on Facebook (apple picking, baby rats, etc) you may have noticed that I'm wearing a lot of hats lately----and now you see why! 

Don't get me wrong, I much prefer crazy cowlicks to shiny bald patches, but they are really distracting.  No amount of gel will hold them down, and it's hard to meet people and have normal conversations without acknowledging that I have weird vertical hair chunks all over the top of my head.  It screams "make a joke about Maya playing with scissors while I was passed out on the couch".  So as not to alienate people with jokes about being a neglectful parent and endangering the welfare of my toddler (weird, isn't it, that some people don't get my humor?), hats seem like the safest option.

(More hair is still falling out, but I'm not focusing on that right now.  Instead of shots, I'm now using a cortisone foam that gets applied to my scalp 3 night a week.)

Maya's fall schedule is nearly solidified, and although she's as busy as ever, the spacing of her appointments seems much better this year---I'm excited to have better chunks of free time!  At first glance, though, she's certainly a busy girl:

That's it for now----I just pulled 2 loaves of apple bread out of the oven, and they're calling my name :)


Sara Collins-Sedey said...

I love all the ways you are using your apples! I love the pic of Maya that Dave left Nick with the apple. Just adorable!

Dana said...

Thanks, Sara! We have to catch up---I know it's been a busy wedding month for you, and Owen's big weekend is coming up too . . . but maybe sometime after that?

Hope all is well!