Thursday, September 16, 2010

Maya & Elmo, sittin' in a tree

It's official---she's in love.  She has a few Elmo books, a few Elmo toys, and we put on the "Elmo's World" segment of Sesame Street a few times a week.  She loves it.

If you've never seen it, Elmo sings and talks and has little guests and gets email (no joke)---so he often disappears for a little bit (while a mini-segment happens) and then reappears.  And every single time he shows back up, she goes bananas. 

Every. single. time. 


Like this:

OHMYGOODNESS!!!                                               Mommy, it's ELMO!!!

He's right there!                                                                                     I'm so excited :)


1 comment:

Coleen said...

you should bring her down to sesame place!! elmo is everywhere!!