Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Zoo . . . Hair . . . CHEW . . . Where?

If I come up with a nonsensical rhyming title, then it totally makes my jumbled update-about-everything post appear cohesive, right?  Right.

1. Zoo:  We went to the Bronx Zoo the other day and had a fun time.  Well, Dave had a fun time:

Maya was so scared that she re-enacted her DMV pose:

Until Mommy came to save the day:
(Hmm, who's having more fun?  Maya or Mommy?  Or the magical glowing prairie dog?)

Fun at the petting zoo:

Miss Maya is attempting vertical movement more and more!  Here, some teetery walking holding on to only 1 hand!:

It may not be graceful looking, but who cares . . .

2.Hair: My hair continues to fall out at an alarming rate:

Ok, it's not quite that bad :)  Actually, I convinced Dave to cut my hair (with the balding patches, I've been hiding from salon folks----I don't want anyone messing with my hair, and I don't want lots of people coming to stare at it).  So we did a chop at home:

(not the most glamorous pic, but you get the idea)

3. CHEW!!!!!!!!  This is the best update by far (and if you check our Facebook page, you're already in the loop on this one).  Maya has come so far with feeding therapy that today Erica (her feeding therapist) said "No more jars (baby food)----she's an eating girl now!"  So, in theory, Maya could only be eating normal food now (with some exceptions---she can't do very hard things, like apples.  She can't manage something very complicated, like rice.  And she can't really regulate how much she gets in her mouth at a time, so we still have to feed her most pieces by hand.)   She's an eating girl!!!!!!  Real food!!! 

Here, she digs into dinner (yogurt, blueberries, some snacky stuff, and a cereal bar--not pictured).  The sushi belongs to Dave & me:

4. Where?  We're going away on Saturday and Maya has been studying up for the trip.  Here, Dave helps her to plan our week's worth of activities.  See if you can figure out where we're heading :)


kris said...

YAY, Maya!!! Such exciting developments and she looks so darn proud of herself.

Dave deserves a YAY!! too b/c I could never cut hair (esp. hair as thick as yours!) so well.

You all are rock stars!

ms_godwin said...

You've totally inspired me (among other things) to go to the zoo! Looks like so much fun! I hope you all are well and enjoying summer together :)

Lisa said...

hooray!!! that is such a huge milestone!!! Collin would prob want to celebrate by taking her to Ikea to let her eat the meatballs there! LOL!!!

if you need any pit stops on your trip you're always welcome in ct! :)

Colleen H said...

Maya is doing so well - Have a great vacation, can't wait to see pictures - and I love the hair cut.

Helaine said...

Congratulations Maya!! Good job.....walking and eating.. Great progress .....Thanks for visiting.
Love Grandma Lainey

rocketmommy said...

Way to go Maya!!!
Dana, I think your haircut looks beautiful! There's no way I'd let my husband near my hair with a pair of scissors lol. =)