Monday, August 9, 2010

With a moo moo here, . . . (VT, day 2)

(Today is Day 3 in Vermont, but I'm blogging a day behind.  It's too tough to relax and stay current, so something's got to give :) )

We had to go to Church street, to hang out and eat my favorite sandwich ever, at the Red Onion.  Maya fell madly in love with the random cow statues that are adorning the area (Parker was terrified of them).

Maya rides a cow all by herself:

Ok, maybe Dave was helping.  See if you can spot him:

Since she's obsessed with cows, we took her to Shelburne Farm today to get up close and personal with their big brown cow.  She was SUPER PSYCHED on the way there:

But for pictures of the farm (where she wasn't so into the cow, but loved the Chicken Parade (yes, you read that right) you'll have to wait :)


grandma said...

she looks adorable on the cow!!! glad you're having fun! loved the video too!!

grandma said...

ps. i'm dying to know---what kind of sandwich is it????? and is it better than your queens ny sandwich?