Sunday, August 8, 2010

Vermont, Day 1

We left NY at 10:25am and got to Anne's house in VT at 7:15pm.  We had one rest stop, stopped for lunch, and went on a ferry ride in that time.  What did Maya do?  Not nap, that's for sure.  She babbled, whined, ate some snacks, watching Signing Times (3 times) and finalllllllyyyy fell asleep for 30 mins:

She was a big fan of the ferry ride, her first boat ride ever!

Parker loves having more space to frolic, but does not love skinny steep stairs, which he fell down last night (only 2 or 3 stairs, he's dine) and now gives the evil eye to.


lisa said...

great pics! the one of both of them sleeping is so cute!!! glad you got there safe! poor parker with the stairs! if it would make him feel better you can tell him his less smart dog cousin, Link, got skunked last night!

grandma said...

i love the pic where maya and parker are both sleeping, facing the same way, with their curly hair(fur) flowing!!! LOL and the ferry ride looks like it was enjoyed by all!! i can almost feel the wind blowing through my hair!! :-)