Monday, September 7, 2009

So many things, so little time

So we've done a million things since my last blog posting (obviously, as it was in July).

-We went on a family vacation to Vermont and learned that Maya's love for animals does not discriminate . . . she loves chickens, horses, cows . . . she even loves pigeons, which is very convenient when we're out for walks.

-She's still crawling like a little devil, good at kneeling and holding herself up in kneeling to play with stuff. Getting closer to pulling up to stand, but not there yet.

-She has made AMAZING feeding progress. In the past 4 weeks or so she has turned into a girl who eats. She has 3 meals a day (faves are cream top vanilla yogurt, baby food macacroni & cheese, and something called apple-turkey-cranberry). She has gone from having mostly bottles with tastes of food to having 3 meals of baby food and only 3 bottles a day!

-In the past 2 months she has started showing us that she understands us (from time to time) which has been a HUGE relief to me. She used to only understand the words "Maya" and "Up". But now she also knows "All done", "Ba-ba" (bottle), "Water", "Eat", "Come", "Bunny" (we got a very cute new bunny named Gus) and I think "dog" and "bird" but I'm not sure. She will also hand something over if you ask for it with your hand out. It's amazing :)

-She loves swimming and will "jump" into the pool. Well, kind of. I sit her on the edge and then say "Come to mama, come to mama" and she'll stretch her little arms out and kind of tip her way in. Supercute :)

-She is sleeping through the night (ish). We just finished night 5 of our sleep training (we didn't read a book or anything, just used common sense). Now that she's eating well, she wasn't drinking as much of her bottle in the middle of the night, so we figured that we should just drop it. Night 1 was rough, night 2 was less rough, nights 3 and 4 were annoying but not tear-filled, and this morning she didn't wake up until 6! I've decided that she's "allowed" to wake up any time after 6:30, which means that that's when we'll go get her, and she just played around in her crib until then. I'm hoping that this will just continue now, but who knows.

Many pictures and video to come, eventually.

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Lisa said...

It was so great to see you and Maya today! She's come really far really fast!!! Keep up all of the hard work because it is clearly paying off! She's just beautiful!!!!