Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Amazing gym cushions!

So when my sister saw my amazing taped-together platform it apparently caused her to research real toddler gym cushions, as if my taped creation was somehow inferior (jk, Lisa :) ). But for real, she sent me some links to toddler gym stuff, which is really cool and really expensive. I decided to look for used stuff, and in a crazy twist of fate (or divine intervention) someone had actually posted 3 cushions for sale earlier that day! Last night after Maya was asleep I drove downtown to pick them up, and today Maya got to play with one of them (we got 3). Big shoutout from Maya to my parents, who bought them for her!

(Still in her pjs) Mom! What's this?!
I can play with it like THIS:
I can play with it like THIS:
Get out of my way!
I can even play with it like this (although it didn't seem like that much fun today):

PS: If you notice, in pictures 1,2 & 4 she is carrying around 3 little rings hookecd together. I don't know why, but she didn't want to put them down this morning. Really cute :)
PPS: Although it looks like she's rocking out, I actually can only leave her unattended when it's shaped like a tunnel (pics 3 & 4) because if she has to climb down from it (like pic 1 &2) she kind of face plants.
PPPS: It's so much more fun to think about our Mommy & Maya physical therapy-ish time now that we have great tools to make it easier! (And you guys haven't even seen the other 2 cushions yet!)


lisa said...


i didn't know if you would find the links to be inspiring or insulting and i debated as to whether or not i should pass them along. i figured they may give you new ideas for items to build. i'm so glad that you were able to find some stuff that will work for Maya! And she looks so cute holding those little rings!! I've got a lot of toys for you on Saturday :)

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