Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Maya Gump

Maya's splints were finished today. (ignore the fact that she's wearing a giraffe shirt, strawberry pants, and pink socks. She's just such a diva, insisting on her own wardrobe selections already. Or we just don't have many pants that fit right now, since she crawls like an animal at the playground and everything is filthy.) Here they are:

She doesn't seem to mind them at all, although she only wore them for 2 15-min periods today. She crawled down the hall and as they hit the ground with a tap-tap-tap it sounded like she was wearing heels. Ran out tonight to buy her a pair of shoes so that tomorrow we can start working on standing.


Lisa said...

I'm loving the pink! Emerson will want a pair!!!

Seriously though, I'm glad she's adjusting well! She'll be running around in no time!!! :) Go Maya Go!!!

grandma said...

maya is rocking those strawberry pants and the pink velcro on the splints----everyone will want that look!! she's a fashionista!!!:c) she's such an easy going little girl that nothing bothers her and in time to come she may the fastest kid yet!!