Saturday, July 25, 2009

Test results are in

We got the results to Maya's microarray yesterday (a few weeks earlier than planned) and they were totally normal!

The microarray is a genetic test that analyzes the chromosomes to see if any sections are missing (deletions) or repeated (duplications). Microdeletions and duplications can cause many, many different genetic syndromes or disorders, so it's great to hear that everything was normal!

Dave and I were pretty surprised that nothing turned up, since this test casts a wide net looking for issues, and we are happily celebrating the good news.

Please resist the urge to ask "What now?" Within the past yearish, we've gone through so many tests and challenges that it's just nice to dwell in good news, rather than already start looking ahead to which tests could come next.

Now we're just planning to focus on working towards goals (our current goal is pulling up to stand) and pushing her development as best as we can.

I'm sadly looking at my last week working at KIPP (only 3 days left). This week summer school ends, we're looking forward to a vacation in August, and then I'll be working with Maya at home (and working from home as well).


grandma said...

hip hip hooray!!!! such wonderful news :c) it put a smile on my face and brought a tear to my eye. but look out maya 'cause now it's time for "dana boot camp" (originated during tfa in baltimore!)!!!! not for the weak kneed or faint of heart but even layla survived. lol

Lisa said...

what a huge relief!!! great news to get!!! don't worry about what's next! enjoy the good news and have fun with Maya!! :)

kris said...

definitely celebrate the good news! we'll have to figure out another time to hang out when i'm back in NYC for good!