Thursday, January 10, 2008

Our life in pictures

So the camera cord has been found, and here are some pictures of life recently:

Moving was a lot of work.

All of the dust made me miserably congested and sick, so Dave ran out to the drugstore (scoring major points) to get me a steam machine (since I was trying to avoid medicine). He then negated all of the points he had scored by taking this picture.

Here are some pictures of the master bedroom suite in the apartment. Pics of the rest of the apartment will come soon.

The office (Dave built it himself-no joke):

The sitting area:

The "inner" bedroom- separated from the office & sitting area by double doors (please ignore the fact that the bed's not made and the bedskirt isn't on yet):

The master closet

The master bathroom (look, we have one of those showers with all of the nozzles, like a car wash!)

And here I am, after getting home from work today. I definitely look pregnant now. I'll have to get another picture of my width, but I wasn't sure if it would fit in the frame.
And here's the little baby at 20 weeks along. It has a huge head---I showed this pic to the kids at school and they seemed terrified by its giant head. The little thing next to the head is the hand-we think it was sucking its thumb.


Lisa said...

ok, i already replied to this, but it's not showing up! Anyway... great pics!!! You really look pregant now! I think you're carrying pretty high!!! I'm still going with girl! Either way I have TONS of stuff to pass along to you!!! :)

grandma said...

i was there for all the boxes(1st pic)and dust!!! dave did a great job on the office's a great place. you look wonderful(still thinking girl. can't wait to feel it move!!love the new sonogram pic---gaeckle forehead?!?