Sunday, January 6, 2008

I'm trying

Really, I am. I know that people want to see pictures--of my ever-expanding girth, of the most recent ultrasound, of the new apartment . . . I even took some pictures. But I need to find the camera cord so that I can upload them. It's on my (long) list of projects for today--I'll see what I can do.

Baby Update
I'm now 20 weeks along---which is very exciting, because we're halfway there! At take 2 of the anatomy ultrasound last week we saw that everything was perfect with the baby---although the baby is very active. Both the midwife and the ultrasound tech commented on how the baby is moving constantly. I can feel it many times a day, mostly when I'm sitting down. Dave hasn't been able to feel it from the outside yet, but I'm sure he will soon.
And the baby is now measurable from head to heel (since it can stretch its legs a bit more) and it is 10 inches long! (That seems pretty big to me).
If you're into guessing based on the heartrate, it's moved up a little bit. In the past week or so it's been between 146 and 158.


lisa said...

Yay for some update!!! Yay for being over 20 weeks!!!!! You're halfway there!!!! :)

grandma said...

the new apartment is bigger. . . and so is the belly!! i'm still guessing girl. can't wait to feel it move---i love that part soooo much :c)

Skeadas said...

10 inches seems very long for a baby. Can I sign it to play basketball for me?