Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dave felt the baby kick!

Yesterday Dave finally felt the baby kick! I had tried a couple of times this week to get him to feel it, but no luck, so it was very exciting when he got a good kick!
(Note: The baby is still small, and likes to kick very low, so to feel the kicks your hand would have to be in a somewhat questionable position. Therefore, do not get excited that you too can feel the kicks from this point on. I'd say in another 2-3 weeks kicks may be open to the public, but not quite yet.)


grandma said...

yippee for dave!!! and i don't think a mom's hand counts as being in a questionable position, do you?!? ;c)

lisa said...

woohoo!!!!!!! and as to mom's comment, you've gotta watch her! she gets pretty handsy! hehe

but seriously, cant wait to feel it!!