Monday, January 21, 2008

A Name and a Nursery

We've picked out the nursery theme for the baby, and Dave has picked a name. For some reason I can't get a picture of the nursery stuff to post here, but here's a link where you can see it:
We went to the baby store yeserday (where you buy stuff for the baby, not actual babies) and bought the baby its's first stuff (bedding, a lamp, wall hangings) in this pattern. Now we can use it to pick a paint color for the room--light green? light khaki? Any advice?
Today we're going to start our registry, which seems a little overwhelming but could be fun. We'll see.
So Dave had a dream that we had the baby and it was a boy (that means all of our dreams now except for one have been boy dreams, for those of you who believe in predicting the gender that way). Anyway, he was shocked to find out that I had named the baby when he wasn't paying attention . . . and the name was . . . drumroll please . . . . . . . Waterset. Yes, Waterset. He has no idea where he came up with that one, but I think it's hysterical. So now we call the baby Waterset :)
Waterset's Update
We're now 22 weeks along, and Waterset likes to move around a lot. The other night we watched Chicago, and every time a musical number started, Waterset would start kicking and wiggling. The other day the movements were big enough that we could actually see my stomach move. It still moves mostly when I'm sitting down, but over the next few weeks I think we'll be at the point where everyone can feel it. According to most of the websites, Waterset now weighs just under 1 lb.


Lisa said...

I love the bedding set and I can't wait to feel Waterset! I think either color would look really nice in a nursery! I can't wait to feel the baby move!!! I think the boy dreams are changing my mind... I've told you all along, your pregnancy symptoms are very similar to mine with Collin, although you lucked out in the morning sickness department! But I think you look like you're carrying a girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Just an FYI, Waterset is the name of a community.

Anonymous said...

I've got the same set! Every room's lighting is different, but when I tried to use green of any kind it was just too much. Even khaki turned very green on me. I wound up using an antique beige and getting some jungle wall stickers that I found. I didn't cover a whole wall with them, I just put a group behind my rocker so Lynzi would have something to look at over my shoulder when I am rocking her to sleep.

grandma said...

if it's a girl it could be water lily or if it's a fat little baby (like you and your sister)it could be water balloon or watermelon! :c)