Saturday, November 17, 2007

What do you do?

If a 5 year old can't mentally picture your job, I have no idea what you do.

Like this---are you a policeman (is policeperson the pc term)? Or a zookeeper? A cashier, a doctor, work on an assemblyline a la I-love-Lucy? No? Then what the hell do you do all day?

Some of my friends explain that they "invest other people's money in hopes that they'll end up with more than they started" . . . ok, but I still find myself wondering "Yes, but what do you do all day?" Sit at a computer? Walk around an office----do you have an office? Or a cubicle? A workspace? Do you look at your coworkers all day? What do they do? Does someone like Dwight work next to you, using a ruler to delineate the territory line between your space and his?

My daily existence this week has been exhausting, but it's at least it's all easy to envision. Here are some tidbits from my life this week:

60: The number of minutes Dave & I spent in our board interview (for our new place). We were clearly the social event of the week for our interviewers, who chatted about eerything from skunks to "that one time I took the subway the wrong way".

537: The temperature in the room that we had to sit in for the above interview.

15: The number of classes I taught this week. The highlight was teaching 10 year olds about how the digestive system ends with flush. They love that crap (literally).

94: The number of paper bags that I decorated and filled with popcorn for our movie party on Friday.

140: The number of kids I teach. Tues & Weds we had parent-teacher conferences, so this is close to the number of grades that I had to explain.

7 years: The amount of data that was accidentally erased from my computer on Tuesday afternoon (not by me, by computer people). Yes, 7 years worth of work-poof!

2: The number of times I went to the hospital to visit one of my kids, who was hit by a car. I have nothing funny to say about that.

1: Annoying tilted uterus. Yes, you read that correctly. My organs are tilted, so when I went to the midwife (Weds) we couldn't hear the baby's heartbeat. Who has tilted organs? I guess this isn't that uncommon, but it's annoying.

13: The number of weeks along I am now :)

Oh yeah, and I moved the blog. That other site I tried out was not really for blogging, although they called it a blog site. This one is a lot easier. If you liked the other one better you can drop me an email at:

Baby Update

The baby is now the size of a peach-about 3 inches long. This past week it's vocal cords have formed, and 20 teeth and sockets have formed in the gums. It finger dexterity has improved, and you could now tell whether its a boy or a girl (even though we're not going to find out!).

If you want to see what a baby like ours looks like (and watch it move) check this out (it's a 4D ultrasound): (it says 11 weeks because that's the age of the fetus, not the length of the pregnancy. It's confusing, but trust me, that's what our baby is like now)


grandma said...

826: the number of times i will check this blog before the next posting :c)

Lisa :) said...

Haha! I'm with Mom!!! Sounds like you had a hell of a week! I can't wait to hear more updates!!! And see pictures of you expanding!!

And I have a tilted uterus too... and had the same issue with finding the heartbeat for both kids, but they both were fine all along!