Sunday, November 25, 2007

My magical bump

Gather round and see Dana's magical baby bump . . .it disappears and reappears before your very eyes!

Actually, I've heard this is very common--but I'm in a strange phase right now. In the morning, I have a small bump--really I just look a little fat. By bedtime, I look undeniably pregnant, with a big stomach bump!

I thought maybe my mind was playing tricks on me, so yesterday I decided to do a little experiment (I'm very scientific and needed to see some data). I measured my stomach in the morning, and then again at night, and the difference was . . .

nearly 2 inches!!!
It seems like a big difference to me! So I've heard that one morning I'll wake up and it won't have shrunk down again. (I measured again this morning and it went down 1.5" overnight, so I'm starting today .5" bigger, for whatever reason).
I'm having Dave take pictures today, so I should have some proof of the growing bump tomorrow.
PS. Don't listen to Dave, the pillow's name is Jimmy, not Julie.
PPS. Laura Nieder is bringing the trash talk about winning the baby pool (although I question her predictions). We haven't picked a prize yet, but we will!


grandma said...

if i measured my waist in the morn and again at night(esp on thanksgiving)it prob would have grown 2 inches also. the sad part is it still would have been 2 in bigger in the morning!!! :c(

lisa said...

i remember those days!!! cant wait for pics!!!

lisa said...

where are these pictures?!