Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Toss-it-back Tuesday: An Open Letter to Parents of Children with Speech Delays

Every Tuesday in October I'll be linking back to one of my "greatest hits" posts, and this is an easy first pick. This is probably the post that most often makes it way back to me via mentions-in-emails, as in "I hadn't heard about AAC until I read your Open Letter" or "After I read your Open Letter I knew that I had to just do it."  When I first heard about AAC I was equal parts enthralled (oh my god this might really work) and furious (why has no professional ever mentioned this to me before)  . . . and so I feel obligated to spread the word to parents out there who are in the same spot that I once was (searching, wondering) and say "Look! This is a thing! And you absolutely can do it on your own if you need to! In fact, you kind of must!"

(image found through Google image search)

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