Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Toss-it-back Tuesday: Maya Finds Her Voice

Don't be intimidated by the 10 minute timestamp on this video---once you start watching (it opens with 2 year old Maya signing "open" and making some noise) you kind of get pulled in.

This was put together for an assistive tech conference that we added two years ago, and it shows highlights from 3 years of Maya's AAC journey (age 2-5). While progress is real life is slow and sometimes inconsistent, this video gives the wide view on what AAC looks like with a new user.

(It also makes me think, "Oh man, I should be getting more video now, so that I can make a year 5-8 video next.")

Without further ado . . .  Maya Finds Her Voice.

2.5 years old and so cute! (Click the link above to get to the video)

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