Friday, October 9, 2015

AAC Family, Week 2!

Happy AAC Family Friday, everyone!

I received a smaller crop of pictures this week (I blame myself for forgetting to promote it until Thursday morning---oops!) . . . but the ones that were sent it are fabulous :)

For next week, a theme: let's get a big post next Friday filled with our AAC users out and about. Your mission this week is to get a picture of AAC use outside of the home. Send your pictures to (and I promise to remind you guys on FB before Thursday).

Without further ado:

We were out on the weekend here in London and took this picture of Cady with her talker in a greenhouse. She was using it to tell me the colours of the different flowers we were looking at.

 Chatting with PODD. Anna 8 years old with Angelman Syndrome and we live in The Netherlands. Since May we use also the Compass app and I just love that our house is not so quite anymore.

Tia Sara has undiagnosed nevro- muscular genetical condition (probably Mitochondrial disease). She in 9,5 years old, and is using head switches with computer (SD) and iPad (app Go Talk NOW). This picture is Tia Sara choosing what she wants to do.  We are from Slovenia (Europe) where aac community isn't very large.

Nadomestna komunikacija/neverbalno sporazumevanje (a link to a Slovenian Facebook group):

And this is a link for Tia Sara's Facebook page:

 A screenshot from Nico (a 4 year old Speak for Yourself user who has Angelman Syndrome) asking his parents to take him swimming!

 One of Nico's younger brothers exploring AAC during a bath!

This is Finn!  He is 4 yrs old and has a rare chromosome deletion and global developmental delays.  In this pic he is using his talker (TouchChat on an iPad mini) to talk about what he sees on our daily after school walk to the park.  His favorite part of the day!

 Roo (age 5) at AAC themed camp (ALL the kids/adolescent campers used AAC devices with camp activities geared around fun using their devices) with her camp counselors that are SLP students. We live in Houston, camp was in Mississippi.

Milo and Lily Grace chatting with their PODD books during a play date in San Francisco, CA!

Charlie using PODD to cheer on his rugby team in the world cup!

Maya and Will waiting for Maya's bus in the morning. Maya is wearing Mini, an iPad mini in an iAdapter case, and uses Speak for Yourself. 

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