Friday, October 16, 2015

AAC Family Friday!

Happy AAC Family Friday! Thank you to all who have sent in pictures---I seriously love putting this together each week :) (The italicized text is quotes pulled from emails, the plain font stuff is my own commentary). 

Here's Finn at the park, using his talker to chat about trucks we see on the bridge in the distance!

 Chatting with daddy with PODD, using the Compass app.

 Lemmy, 4 years old, using his iPad with speak for yourself while we shop. He loves to chat when we're shopping.

 C waiting patiently to see the ENT and commenting on a girl's sweatshirt - 'sparkles'. (It was pretty flashy) 

 Aidan with his talker at his brother’s cross country meet. His brother shattered the school record . . .

 . . . because Aidan was able to give him very clear instructions: LIAM RUN FASTER

Check out more of Aidan's adventures and his mom's reflections here:

 Hosea (age 5) chats during a break from his soccer game.

Avelina (age 3) enjoying the pumpkin patch.

 Hosea labels the animals in the petting zoo for his little sister.

Avelina uses her talker at mealtime.

Hosea and Avelina (of the four fantastic pictures above) both use Speak for Yourself on a ProSlate 8 (iPad mini). They also both have a rare genetic disorder called GAND (GATAD2B-Associated Neurodevelopmental Disorder).  You can read more about GAND at or follow the Facebook page

This comes from the other side of our AAC family---the professionals! Taken at the "Closing the Gap" conference, this is Renee Collender (co-creator of Speak for Yourself), David Niemeijer (AssistiveWare CEO and founder), and Heidi LoStracco (co-creator of Speak for Yourself).

Max is FaceTime'ing with Grandma - a very motivating activity!   With the talker right next to the iPad, Grandma can hear. Max is learning to ask questions and comment. It's been awesome!
(And since Grandma is not in the home, it fits the theme!)

Alix communicating whilst canoeing.

(Canoeing, people!!!)

Tia (from Slovenia) in a vineyard, using communication binder (made with Boardmaker), discussing fall and fruits.

 (totally speaks for itself)

Aidan and I talking about what we are excited to see on the dolphin cruise we were on!

Jay (almost five) enjoying "local summer" in Long Branch, NJ on Columbus Day!

 Daddy helps find a word at the zoo!

After spotting a pinwheel in the garage before a walk, she was adamant we take it with us. I took a photo and added the word to her talker. It was a favorite word on the walk and in the weeks following!

Maya and her talker, laughing it up with the Count and his talker at Sesame Place!


Unknown said...

These photos are awesome! Thank you to the families who are sharing their children communicating in real life situations! So powerful!!

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to figure out what case is being used in the 2nd to the last picture?(the blue case with 3 handles)

Anonymous said...

The case is an HDE Kids Shock Proof Steering Wheel case. It's lightweight and easy for a toddler to grasp.